Francois J Duminy


Liposuction Abdomen

Who is Suitable for Liposuction?

Liposuction is not meant to make fat people thin! It is useful for removing troublesome collections of fat that wont budge with other forms of management such as diet and exercise.

Women tend to store their long-term fat around the outside of the lower abdomen, between the muscles and the skin.

Men, who dont need to reserve intra-abdominal space for babies, tend to store their long-term fat inside the abdominal cavity, under the muscle layer.

This means that women have an advantage when it comes to liposuction - their fat is reachable.

Men have smaller amounts of fat in the outer layers, but liposoction can certainly help to get better definition of muscles

When fat is reachable and there are no contra-indications such as abdominal herniae, the fat volume can be reduced by liposuction.

When herniae are present, there is a danger of damaging bowel that may be in a sac which is protruding through the muscular layer and such damage can have very serious consequences.

Our Methods

One of the best ways to protect the bowel and the other abdominal organs is to have the patient awake while the liposuction is being performed.

By doing liposuction in special ways, very closely onder the skin, the surgeon can enhance skin retraction to help the skin to fit better over the slimmer shape, rather than leaving an empty flabby skin after the fat has been removed.

Skin retraction and shrinkage is heavily influenced by elasticity which diminishes with aging and other factors such as sun damage.

In our practice, we have always preferred to do liposuction with syringes instead of suction machines. To us, this seems gentler, more accurate and also provides us with the possibility of immediately re-injecting fat into some areas, thereby enabling sculptural techniques.

Removal of very large volumes of fat can be dangerous as it can cause severe fluid shifts, leading to shock and possible organ failure.

In our practice, we have, over all the years, had a policy of not removing more than 2.5litres at one time and we have preferred to keep it below 2 litres. Patients who need larger volumes need to book more sessions.

This policy has been vindicated by the fact that the Californian state government has recently introduced legislation preventing liposuctions of more than 3 litres.

Pre- and Post Op Care

We recommend that liposuction patients have Endermologie (LPG) treatment for 3 sessions before surgery and for 12 sessions after surgery.

the Endermologie pre-operatively makes fat removal much smoother and much more efficient. Post-op endermologie helps to smoothe the result, restore lymphatic drainage and promote skin shrinkage.

After liposuction, our patients are required to wear a compression garment for at least one month.