Francois J Duminy


Buttock Enlargement

The Problem

Full, Rounded, Well-Shaped Buttocks are traditionally considered to be an attractive feature in women in most societies and cultures.

There are basic differences in buttock shape and volume appreciation between different geographic areas and genotypes. Unusual enlargement of the buttocks occurs in some groups and it is known as steatopygia. This may have historical survival value in groups who originated in arid areas where storage of energy could be critical.

Even in societies where sylphlike slim figures are considered to be attractive, rounded buttocks are preferred to flat ones.

The simplest way to achieve a buttock enlargement is by grafting/transferring fat from other parts of the body where its presence is less desirable.

Microfat grafting is a well established technique and it is highly successful in non-smokers.

Using this technique together with liposculpture, the shape and volume of the buttocks can be sculpted.

Negative Aspects

The operation can not be performed successfully on smokers.

A support garment needs to be worn for 4 weeks.

As with any fat grafting, there is a "dip" period.

Sitting might be difficult for a few weeks.

As with any surgery, the complications of Infection, bleeding, haematoma and seroma can affect the results.