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Francois J Duminy


Breast Reduction

Benefits experienced by most patients:

1. A feeling of freedom.

2. The ability to wear the clothes they have always wanted to wear.

3. Improved ability to exercise, take part in sports and control their weight more effectively.

4. “Cure” of upper and lower backache.

5. Improved pre-menstrual breast pain.

6. “Cure” of rashes in the breast folds.

7. Improved self-image leading to greater confidence and thus greater success in their pursuits.

Negative Aspects:

1. Scars - with good Scar Care -usually fade within 9 to 18 months

2. Sensory Changes in Nipples- 95% recover over 6 to 8 months

3. Impaired Breast feeding - an important consideration in young women.

4. Surgical Complications - Infection, Bleeding, Haematoma, Seroma, Deep Vein Thrombosis.