Francois J Duminy


Brow Lifting

The outer part of the female eyebrow looks good when it is 5 to 7mm above the inner edge of the bone of the eye socket.

When the brow is too low, especially in its outer third, it gives an impression of tiredness and lack of energy. it may also contribute to apparent excess of the upper eyelid.

A brow that is too low can be re-positioned in several ways - varying from the judicious use of Botox® (Least invasive)


Elevation and re-positioning of all the layers of the scalp via an incision behind the hairline, running from ear to ear (most invasive)

There are numerous other options in the range.

The particular needs of each patient will be assessed and the most appropriate method will be determined and discussed fully.

Benefits Experienced by most of our patients item5

1. "Opening" of the brow

2. More alert, youthful and vigorous appearance

3. Clearing of excess eyelid

4. Easier application of eye makeup in women

5. A rejuvenated appearance.


Negative Effects

1. Swelling and Bruising that usually lasts 10 to 14 days

2. Scars i that are initially visible, but usually heal so well that they are almost invisible

3. Parts of the scalp and forehead may initially be numb, but feeling is usually regained in a few months.

4. Depending on the procedure, the possible surgical complications of Infection, Bleeding, Haematoma,Seroma all apply.