Francois J Duminy


Laser Treatment of the Face

There are many different laser treatments that are useful in the field of facial rejuvenation

Lasers are highly specific in what they do and in what they are able to do.

Each laser has a highly specific target and it requires a good knowledge of physics and the properties of light for a therapist to understand the exact effects of each specific laser.

There are many variables that require adjustment to target specific treatment

Lasers have power, wavelength, pulse length, pulse frequency and spot size that all require tuning to achieve the desired result.

In our Practice, we have a CO2 surgical laser

This laser, while able to make incisions and coagulate blood vessels, is also able to remove the skin surface.

In specific modes, it is able to puch thousands of tiny holes into the skin.

These tiny holes tighten the skin, stimulate new collagen formation and improve skin quality as they heal.


Benefits Experienced by most of our patients

1. Smoothing and tightening of the skin

2. removal of small wrinkles

3. Improvement of acne scars

4. Improvement of pigmentation


Negative Effects

1. crusting and scabbing that usually lasts 5 to 7 days

2. Redness/ pinkness that usually lasts up to 3 months

3. A ban on sun exposure of the treated areas for 1 year.

4. Sometimes, especially in darker skins, there may be a period of hyperpigmentation which can last a few months.

5. Herpes Simplex (Cold Sore) infections may be stimulated by the treatment.