Francois J Duminy


Silhouette Soft Lift

The purpose of a facelift is to lift away the sagging caused by gravity. It is not meant to pull every wrinkle flat nor is it meant to change the shape of the mouth or the eyes.

It is used in conjunction with other techniques to rejuvenate the aging face.

The Silhouette® lift provides a minimally invasive method for achieving lifting of facial structures.

It is done by placing anchored threads that hold up tissues until the tissues themselves have shortened.

The threads and anchors dissolve completely leaving behind the lifted tissues.

There are no scars other than small puncture marks that usually disappear like injection sites do.


Benefits Experienced by most patients

1. Correction of sagging around the jowls

2. Some tightening of the neck

3. lifting of the nasolabial folds and lower face

4. A subtly rejuvenated appearance with lasting effect.

5. No Scars


Negative Effects

1. Swelling and Bruising that can last 10 to 14 days, but can be covered.

2. There may be slight dimpling at entry and exit points of threads. These disappear with time.

3. The presence of the threads may be felt for the first few months, but then they disappear

4. Not suitable when there is much excess skin - this would require another method.