Francois J Duminy



Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are becoming a BIG problem. Many people who have cool tattoos when the are young, find out, for a variety of reasons, that they are not so "cool".

The usual first remedy is to put a "cooler" second tattoo over the first one. When the result is "not so cool" the next option is Laser at approximately R1000 per session.

the correct lasers will partially remove the black tattoos, but they dont work on colours.

In those cases, surgical removal may be the only possible solution. This solution may lead to scarring in the tattooed areas.

We have some new micro-surgical techniques that will work with minimal scarring on professional tattoos, but not on amateur tattoos.

The use of those techniques will depend on extensive clinical evaluation and testing of the tattoo before starting treatment.

These examinations and tests can only be carried out at a consultation.