Francois J Duminy


Scar Care

Our Approach to Scar Care is as Simple As This:

"If We Support the Scar, the Scar will NOT need to support itself"


If a Scar is Well Supported:

1. It will NOT become Thicker

2. It will NOT become more red than the surrounding tissues.

3. It will NOT become Itchy or Irrittating

How do We support the Scar?:

By taping the scar with unstretchable tape such as Micropore(3M)

How Long do We Need to Tape?

Until the scar has Matured (gone pale) - 4 to 12 months

How Often do We Need to Change the Tape?

Leave it on as long as it is stuck - this may vary from 3 days on the face to 3 Weeks on the Back