Francois J Duminy


Penis Enlargement

The Problem

There are several reasons for the Penis to appear to its owner or its users to be inadequate in size.

Most commonly, it is a problem of perception as almost every penis, irrespective of length or girth is capable of fulfilling its reproductive function.

There are several rare abnormalities of penile development that may require surgical intervention, usually by Urologists.

There are injuries resulting from carelessly or crudely performed ritual circumcisions.

There are also different culturally based expectations of penile size that may engender feelings of inadequacy in the bearers of organs that do not seem to match up to those expectations.

Whatever the cause, there will always be men who will seek enhancement of the penis.

In our practice, we will, after careful examination, counselling and shared decision-making, offer men some enhancement of penile girth by Micro-fat grafting and apparent lengthening by pubic fat pad reduction and lengthening of the suspensory ligament of the penis.

Negative Aspects

The operation can not be performed successfully on smokers.

No sexual intercourse is permitted for 6 weeks after surgery.

As with any surgery, the complications of Infection, bleeding, haematoma and seroma can affect the results and may threaten the function of the penis.