Francois J Duminy



When mastectomy has been performed for the management of Breast Cancer, the affected breast/s can be reconstructed to obtain a natural appearance and symmetry. In many cases the process is started by placement of a Tissue Expander. This can often be done at the time of mastectomy in the same operation.

Benefits experienced by most patients:

1. Limiting the Physical impact of mastectomy

2. Limiting the Psychological impact of mastectomy

3. Restoring symmetry - making clothing easier to wear comfortably and confidently

4. Restoring Confidence


Negative Aspects:

1. Scars (usually due to mastectomy)- with good Scar Care -usually fade within 9 to 18 months

2. Sensory Changes

3. Surgical Complications - Infection, Bleeding, Haematoma, Seroma, Deep Vein Thrombosis.