Francois J Duminy



The Dermapen® has a vibrating pad with 9 tiny needles that pass rapidly into your skin to a controlled depth as the pad gets moved over the skin surface.item5

The skin is pre-anaesthetised by means of a specially formulated anaesthetic cream.

When the needles pass through the skin they are able to carry with them substances specifically and individually chosen for delivery to the deeper layers of each patient's skin. This happens in much the same way as tattoo needles carry ink into the skin.

The difference is that, instead of ink, the therapeutic substances can now be placed in the skin.

Even without the added therapeutic substances, the dermapen treatment alone has been demonstrated to have benefits in that the stimulation caused by the controlled micro-trauma causes healing reactions in the skin, leading to improved collagen content, tightening and dispersion of unwanted pigmentation.

In scarred areas, it leads to revascularisation and an apparent "blending" of the scar that makes it less obtrusive.

A similar benefit has been shown for stretch marks (Striae gravidorum)

A patient generally needs a few treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to get full results.