Francois J Duminy



Volume loss in the face is one of the manifestations of aging.

As such, it has also become one of the subliminal hallmarks of aging.

Driven by the need to correct the volume loss and thus to remove one of the stigmata of aging, a wide variety of "Fillers" have been used in the past.

Many of those fillers showed initial promise, but, in the longer term, resulted in severe problems.item6

Reputable and Safe Modern Fillers are all based on Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally occurring part of every living cell membrane.

Technological advances have allowed for better stability in HA Gels by improving cross-linkages between molecules.

The fillers, with different Gel Characteristics related to stiffness, viscosity, strength, come pre-loaded in syringes, sometimes with Local Anaesthetic incorporated.

The gels are injected into the tissues by a Medical Practitioner with the required anatomical training and trained dexterity.

After injection, the hygroscopic properties of the gel cause it to increase in volume.

The result develops over about 24 hours and remains in place until the gel is metabolically broken up and removed.

Disappearance of the filler gels takes between 8 & 16 months.item5


Benefits Experienced by most of our patients

1. Correction of Volume Loss

2. Smoothing of wrinkles

3. Easily combined with other treatments

4. No visible scars

5. A rejuvenated appearance

6. Any unwanted effect WILL disappear over time.


Negative Effects

1. Swelling and Bruising that may last 10 to 14 days

2. Injection with of fillers with a sharp needle by an untrained person can cause severe complications including blindness!