Francois J Duminy



Lesion Removal

Plastic surgeons are usually particularly good at removing unwanted or dangerous lesions. They perform excisions in such ways as to minimise the scars or to hide them away.

The Lesions that we are asked to remove, range from skin cancers to moles and even to birthmarks.

In each case we choose the best way to safely remove the lesion so that the least possible scarring is left behind.

Sometimes, after excision of a large lesion, the defect needs to be closed by means of special flaps or skingrafts.

As with any surgery, there may be complications such as infection , bleeding, bruising, swelling and wound breakdown. We do everything possible to avoid such complications, but there are so many factors that we dont always manage to avoid them all. We do, however, stand by all our patients and help them through the problems if or when they occur.

Almost every excised specimen is sent to the pathologists for evaluation and checking to ensure complete excision of the problem.

After excision, the scars need to be managed according to our Scar Care regimen.