Francois J Duminy



Enlargement of the male breast can be simply divided into 2 categories

1. The fatty tissue in the breast area is enlarged. The medical term for this is Pseudogynaecomastia

2. The breast tissue (glandular tissue) is enlarged. This is termed Gynaecomastia or True Gynaecomastia

As with all things in nature, there are varying combinations of these two conditions.


When the main problem is the accumulation of fat in the breast area, the condition can be treated by Liposuction techniques with minimal scarring and rapid recovery.

In our practice, this is usually done under local anaesthetic and conscious sedation and the patient can go home within an hour after the procedure.

True Gynaecomastia

When the glandular breast tissue is enlarged, there are 2 important considerations:

1. There may be a pathological cause for the condition and it would be wise to make an effort to determine the cause.

2. All men have small amounts of breast tissue, but if there is an excessive amount of glandular breast tissue, it requires surgical removal.

Surgical removal of the breast tissue is usually done, in our practice, through a tiny irregular incision along the edge of the areola so that the scarring is as unobtrusive as possible.